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The coalition is made of advocacy organizations, businesses, and activists looking to responsibly and equitably legalize cannabis in Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN – July 12, 2022: The MN is Ready Coalition ( announced that it has formally launched ahead of this November’s elections and the 2023 legislative session. Made up of the leading cannabis advocacy groups in Minnesota—Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation, Sensible Change Minnesota, and Minnesota NORML–and other non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals, the MN is Ready Coalition aims to promote a pro-cannabis legalization majority in the Minnesota legislature.
“We know that Minnesotans are ready to responsibly and equitably legalize cannabis,” said Maren Schroeder, Coalition Director and longtime cannabis advocate. “There are over 700,000 cannabis consumers in Minnesota and an advocacy/industry partnership like the MN is Ready Coalition allows us to connect with and educate voters throughout the state and get full cannabis legalization over the finish line in 2023.”
The MN is Ready Coalition is in the process of surveying candidates for office statewide and has published a comprehensive voter guide. The Coalition will work with partners to provide that voters’ guide to cannabis voters statewide so they can make informed decisions when voting in November and make voters aware of the barriers advocates have faced in the Minnesota legislature over the past four years.

“We need to go through the Minnesota Legislature to get this done,” explained Schroeder. “Well over half of all Minnesotans believe our state is ready for legalization and it’s well past time our leaders in St. Paul reflect – and act on – that desire.”

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