It’s time for a pro-legalization majority in Minnesota

The MN is Ready Coalition is believes Minnesota is ready to legalize cannabis. However, we need to make sure there is a pro-legalization majority in the legislature and in statewide office. We have broken down the details of where candidates stand on cannabis legalization, and while we can’t tell you who to vote for, we can put the information out there for voters to make an informed decision.  To be recognized as part of the pro-legalization majority, candidates must either have a public record of support for cannabis legalization (including “yes” votes on HF600) or must complete our questionnaire and indicate their support for cannabis legalization, aligned with our priorities for a fair, equitable, and accessible market.

Featured candidates are those who have made significant contributions to legalization efforts and are strong proponents of cannabis legalization.

The Voters Guide will share the voting history and other important information about the candidate. We will be updating these throughout the coming months with more public statements and comments, website information, and information from completed questionnaires. Stop back before you vote to learn the position of the candidates on your ballot.

Voters’ Guide

Featured Pro-Legalization Majority Champions

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