Pledge To Vote

Reality: The only way to cannabis legalization is to vote for a pro-legalization majority.

For the past five years, since the first full legalization legislation was introduced, the Senate Republican Majority has killed, and subsequently blocked, all full legalization bills in the Senate. Fast facts:

  • A Pro-Legalization Majority is required to legalize cannabis;
  • Since 2017, the Senate Republican Majority has blocked legislation;
  • There is no ballot initiative in Minnesota, to put a question on the ballot, the legislature (both House and Senate) must put it there; and
  • Governor Walz has prepared his administration to enact full legalization, proposed full legalization in his budget request, and is a long time supporter of full legalization.

We need you, one of the over 700,000 cannabis consumers and legalization supporters, in Minnesota to pledge to vote – then review the MNisReady Coalition Voters Guide to make an informed decision when you vote.